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Microformats – first step towards semantic web

September 26, 2008

Semantic web will have a tough time relying solely on natural language processing to extract semantic knowledge from content.  Microformats are not only useful for annotating data on web pages but their format specifications are a good starting point for designing content entry forms for commonly used entities.  Some of commonly used microformats are

  • hCard for user profile
  • hCalendar for calendar or events
  • hReview – for product/recipe reviews
  • geo – geographical location
  • hatom – rss entry/blogs/web pages
  • XFN – human relationships

Using microformats is not just useful for semantic web, which is not expected until year 2010, but embedding microformats is more likely to increase your rankings in search listings.  With the amount of data on web growing exponentially, keyword based search is becoming less of a solution.  Yahoo has already announced that it will be processing web content for semantic data and its support for microformats.