• Scalable
  • Indexing
  • Geo-spatial indexing, finding objects by location, proximity
  • Auto Sharding (version 1.7 onwards) – scaling by division
    • Queries can be run in parallel across all shards
  • Storage – disk based, using BSON (Binary serialized JSON)
  • Supports binary large objects, images, videos
  • Database replication
    • support of replication clusters
    • Automatic fail-over
    • Master slave(s) configuration

Concepts/Terms MongoDB==Relational DB

  • Documents == records/objects
  • Collections == tables
    • A collection may have heterogeneous set of documents
    • No need to pre-define columns or fields within a collection
  • query == cursor
  • Index == indexes
  • embedding and linking == Join
  • Queries return cursor not collections (for performance reasons)
  • Drawbacks

  • No Transaction support
  • No data integrity
  • MongoDB – Installation and First Steps

    MongoDb Interactive shell – basic commands

    MongoDb Interactive shell – searching records


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